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House of Maxx pays focus to the health of the skin both internally & externally.

With a Health & Nutrition Advisor on site to clean up elements of your lifestyle that may be contributing to your Barrier Disordered Skin, experienced Corneotherapists to educate you and treat your skin, LED & CIT machines, & professional lash & brow technicians you are bound to be radiant and have skin that glows from within.

All facial treatments are a customised dermatological treatment that uses advanced products specifically created to cater to your skins needs & concerns. 


Makayla Herdman




For as long as I can remember, the health and beauty industries have played a major role in my life. I grew up a very sick little girl, suffering from allergies as a result of anything from foods, plants and animals, but was too young to go down the medical desensitization route. This forced my mother, Jenny, to look at my diet and alternative therapies, between the ages of 3 to 16 I changed my diet several times, had treatments of Kinisiology, Iredology, Natropathy, Colonic Irrigation and N.A.E.T.. 

My passion for food and beauty came really young, I was cooking the family meals and creating my own beauty potions from the age of 8! However, it was the year I turned 16 that was a real defining point for me. I had been really sick with candida related health issues and decided to work alongside an amazing Naturopath and Raw Chef doing colonics, changing up me diet yet again and taking herbs coincided with supplements. Whilst this was all going on  I wanted to study my Diploma in Beauty Therapy but was too young, but was given the chance to prove whether I would be let into the course, and ended up graduating at the top of my class 2 years later.

I moved to Melbourne from Gippsland at 18, worked at a high end beauty retailer and salon co-ordinated a skin clinic and salon, as well as a health food shop alongside practitioners, it was during this time that I continued my education on skin, food and gut health and started to notice a real pattern when it came to gut health and skin concerns. It dawned on me 'If our skin is our largest organ, why are we not treating it like one?'. At the age of 21, my mother Jenny and I put our 21 years of experience in gut health together with my knowledge and education on skin and opened House of Maxx Boutique Skin Clinic August 20th, 2015.

Since then my education has continued to be a huge priority, now being qualified in Oncology Esthetics as well as further extensive education on skin and being sort after for brows.

Jenny Herdman




When Jenny had her second child she didn’t realise what a journey she would embark on. Makayla was born sick, however no-one realised until she started reacting to things like immunisations, certain foods, clothing, body products and cleaning products and by the time she was three years old she was diagnosed with airborne anaphylaxis (allergic to all grasses, dust mites and horses just to name a few). With her diagnosis from the medical profession, Jenny went home being told to keep her indoors until she was around 7 and only then could they desensitise her. WHAT A GRIM RESULT and one which she knew she had no other choice but to figure it out on her own.

Over two decades later and what seemed like a bleak outcome, Jenny’s mission to “never rest” until she had helped her daughter, turned into an amazing portfolio of knowledge and deep desire to assist, guide and educate others. Studying over 100 dietary theories and completing her training and certification with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a health and lifestyle coach in early 2015, her dream turned into reality. House of Maxx was born and while working specifically on gut health realises what an incredibly unique experience our clients get. Jenny is also an NLP practitioner and results coach which gives Jenny the ability to tap into clients emotional connection with gut and skin health. Jenny’s long term goal would be to open a retreat for woman who are looking for change in their lives.




All through high school I was always that friend that was asked to do everyone’s hair and makeup before a night out, I fell in love with the way I could make someone feel just with a little bit of pampering. Combined with an interest in medicine and a strength in chemistry and biology led me to stumble upon the Dermal Science Degree – A skin science degree that would combine the best of both worlds!


I moved to Melbourne in 2015 to start my studies with Beauty therapy and then Dermal Science at Victoria University. I have since had 3 years’ experience in brow artistry and am into the fourth and final year of my degree. Over that time, I have discovered a love for education and overall health and wellbeing alongside my love for skin and look forward to furthering my own education along the way. 

I am excited to join the team at House of Maxx and am committed to educate, inspire and pamper my clients along their own skin journey.