Bailey’s Skin Journey

I started going to House of Maxx towards the end of 2018. At that time, my skin had a massive break-out – it came out of no-where – and it wasn’t getting any better. As a young woman, I felt very self-conscious & didn’t know who to go to or what to do. My skincare products at the time were drug-store cleansers, serums & coconut oil that claimed to be “natural” & “good for your skin”. Frankly, these weren’t working.

During this time, I stumbled across House of Maxx on Instagram and the idea of a Holistic Skin Clinic & Health Coaching was super appealing. Not to mention, a few Instagram Influencers (@spoonful_of_sarah @nat_warner) had raved about their treatments & experience there. It was a no-brainer, I had to book in! 

Upon my first visit, I had a skin-consultation with Makayla (H.O.M Founder) which provided me with deeper insight into my skin – not only was Makayla able to identify my skin type, she was also able to see into the deeper layers of my skin, how it worked and what it needed to begin its healing journey. The more consistent I was (with both my in-house treatments & at-home care), the better results I saw, and the better I FELT.

Down the track, I decided to book in with Jenny (House of Maxx, Health Coach & Neuro Linguistics Practitioner) to further my skincare progress. Jenny’s holistic approach enabled me to pinpoint areas in my life that needed some TLC. She looks at catering a diet specific to your dietary needs & requirements whilst educating you on the most and least beneficial foods for you to eat. Jenny also focuses heavily on your mental state, as a trained NLP (Neuro Linguistics Practitioner) by assisting you in developing a healthy & positive mindset. 

By the 6-month mark, I saw dramatic improvements in my skin – overall, the redness and inflammation had reduced, the texture was softer and pores smaller & my acne was slowly but surely fading to nothing. Of course, I still had break-outs during that time, but the consistency of my efforts (as Makayla would ALWAYS passionately tell me) would be my break-down or breakthrough. It was most definitely my breakthrough! By mid-2019 my skin was ever-so glowy, fresh & calm – I was so impressed by how effective the treatments and products were.

Fast forward to 2020, and I still religiously keep up with my treatments (I’ve added in a brow sculpt & tint to the list now too haha) & at-home care. House of Maxx is most definitely a reputable & trust-worthy clinic, and their client results back that up!

I can’t forget the ambience and customer service. Both are extraordinary! The stylish, homely & earthy atmosphere you feel when you walk through their doors is immediately inviting. Makayla, Jenny & Maxine’s customer service is fantastic – they are all super friendly, down-to-earth and genuinely care about you as a person (not just a “customer”) – this is seen through their flexibility to help you purchase your treatments and products and welcome you back each time like an old friend.

You guys have played a HUGE part in discovering my inner self-confidence – I now have the tools to radiate both inside and out!!! 

Thank-you soooo much!

Bailey, 22 – Melbourne 

MaxxByMakayla is a lifestyle brand that was established in 2015 consisting of holistic skin clinic House of Maxx and internal range MaxxBeautyTonic.

We VALUE being INCLUSIVE of the COMMUNITY we live amongst, creating an EMPOWERING and POSITIVE space to challenge current beauty standards and change the narrative within the beauty industry to be one of INNOVATION and EDUCATION whilst keeping in mind to be as SUSTAINABLE as possible both environmentally and individually.