Diet & Digestive Issues

How many of you are on a diet now? All of us at one time or another have been on a diet and for most of us it’s been to lose weight. For some of us it’s dieting for fitness or because of a diagnosed disease, yet how many of us actually use foods to assist in the healing of the gut or purely to nourish us? The gut plays a huge role in our immune function, mental health, nutrition and waste elimination. The digestive issues are the symptom not the disease. When H.O.M treat clients skin conditions we always say that not all digestive issues present on the skin but all skin issues start with the gut.
Let’s take celiac disease for example. Medically it’s known as a chronic immune mediated disorder triggered by gluten ingestion. Someone diagnosed with celiac disease are told that treatments can manage the condition but there is no known cure. Symptoms range from bloating, pain, diarrhoea and weight loss, anaemia and fatigue just to name a few and can be quite debilitating. After the diagnosis you will be told to eliminate foods that create the symptoms that cause discomfort and things settle down. Most people can go on to live a restrictive but somewhat normal life. 
Now here’s where I, as a health coach that looks at the body as a whole question this and go beyond the foods. Do I work with foods? I sure do, but it’s my belief that digestive symptoms is the body telling us something is wrong. Taking away the problematic foods is one thing but healing the gut lining, reducing the inflammation, looking at other contributing factors such as lifestyle, family history, childhood illnesses, emotional stress etc is another. Teaching and educating a client on how their body works and tapping into the queues it’s constantly sending us and creating balance is going far beyond our goal of dealing digestive issues. It’s about understanding the body in order to show compassion to ones self, better look after our health and not feel so frustrated and disconnected by what our body is telling us.

What do we do to go beyond digestive issues?
Detailed health History
Look at foods and lifestyle choices including stress management
Eliminate foods that cause inflammation and educate on foods that hold little benefit to your health
Educate swapping foods to more nutritional dense and whole foods or what we like to refer to beneficial foods
Teacher you to tap into what your body is telling you regarding food and stress
Assist the gut in healing the mucosal lining through foods and supportive supplements
Creating a healthy gut environment for your gut flora to flourish


*Jenny is a qualified Health Coach and makes no claims to diagnose or treat a medical condition. We recommend all clients undergo a full medical check with their GP to rule out any disease or conditions. We also work closely with The Health Press, a team of TCM, Naturopathy & clinical Hypnotherapy.

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