Eczema & Skin

Eczema is a term used to describe non contagious skin rashes and inflammation, but we have found it also gives us a window into your internal health!​

Studies have shown that approximately 20% of children and 5% percent of adults suffer from eczema, 65% of cases developing before the age of 1, and 90% will have shown symptoms before 5 years of age. With numbers like that and modern medicine telling us eczema is incurable it is no wonder that eczema is almost seen as a normal part of life and something people just have to learn to deal with.

Eczema has quickly become my favourite skin condition to work with, its healing process predictable (although slow and painful) Jenny & I have developed a 12 week program to have our eczema sufferers living life normally again.

Diagnoses of eczema typically goes something like this: you visit your GP, they give you a low dose steroid to apply when the rash is bad, they up the dosage if necessary, if eczema persists they give you antibiotics, progress to topical steroids and even immune suppressants. Often (which is why I have clients) this doesn’t help, only helps for a short amount of time, or clients are sick of the side effects that come with the medication. But WHY do you have the eczema in the first place? And WHAT is your skin trying to tell you.

You see, our skin isn’t placed on our bodies to cause us grief, it is actually there to protect and regulate. We are not BORN sensitive, if our skin is showing great signs of inflammation, we have two causes of that right? Something is irritating us from the outside, or something is irritating us from the inside. Which is why I respond to ‘I have sensitive skin’ with ‘no, you have sensitized skin, let’s work out why’.​

When I refer to eczema, I’m not just talking about that itchy red patch of skin on the inside of your elbow, I’m talking DIBILITATING eczema, red skin, flaking all over the face and body, swollen eyes, micro tears and weeping of the skin, skin that stings from water or tears when you move your head too quickly! So when a client first comes to me, we have the very frank discussion that this isn’t going to be easy, its going to take a solid 12 weeks, but if they are compliant, consistent and keep in contact with me then we will get the results they need to live life normally again.

My first priority is to stop all topical steroid use, this isn’t pleasant as you have most likely developed a steroid addiction and have become use to the ‘steroid cycle’, during this time we support this skin with lots of anti-inflammatory lipids. We then go through a detailed health history, the clients food diary, look at their blood type, get a candida score and start changing the everyday lifestyle factors that will be contributing/causing the internal inflammation so bad that it has come through as eczema. We often find our eczema clients suffer from bloating and food sensitivities a lot, so it makes sense to be careful what we put in our mouths every day.

As everything we do is completely customised and developed for that individual, its hard to say exactly what we do to treat eczema, but I can say we will be seeing a lot of each other in the first 12 weeks, skin will get worse before it gets better and then its like one day you wake up and have healthy skin.

As always, feel free to contact me at any stage to discuss any questions you may have! Love, Makayla xx

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