Emotions and Essential Oils

Our emotions are more often than not such a complex side of our human experience.

From feeling the highest of highs to the lowest of lows & everything in between is all a part of the magic of being human. What we don’t often understand is the deep & intrinsic connection of our emotional & physical landscapes & how they very clearly (when our intuition is switched on & supported) mirror each other. For example, in easy terms, what is happening on the inside (consciously &/or sub-consciously) generally plays out in our physical reality. Our landscapes literally mirror one another. 

What I deeply adore about the oils & other plant modalities is their profound impact on both our physical & emotional wellbeing. They work in this way with our human make up because as humans we are not that different to nature itself. The dance these pure oils do with our cells as we inhale them is so apparent because our bodies recognise & register the potency they carry. Unlike synthetics, pure plant extracts can move in ways a man-made constituents cannot, especially when we are talking about emotional healing & wellbeing. 

As we start to work more closely with the oils in our day-to-day life, we start to rapidly experience the physical shifts they offer our body. In time as our relationship deepens with them & their own unique blue prints & vibrations, they start to open our connection to their deeply stunning emotional properties allowing us to work with them to unblock trauma & create emotional healing. 

The most beautiful part about using the oils in your daily life or rituals is the beauty of simplicity. 

A swipe of Jasmine up your inner forearm has the ability to alter your emotional state in minutes.A waft of Frankincense as you walk past your diffuser can shift the chemical reactions within your brain in mere seconds.A drop of Balance inhaled from the palms to ground & centre you. 

This is the magic of using pure plant extracts. It’s not about learning something new, but remember what we already know. The deep & vital connection between humans & nature goes far beyond the physical for that we see & smell. It’s stepping & trusting their innate guidance they gift us.

I love, trust and endorse DōTERRA essential oils, if you would like more information please contact me on IG @conscious_chloe.

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