Enjoying a guilt free Easter

April is associated with Easter and while Easter has a bigger meaning in the religious sense there are so many of us that feel a sense of overwhelm when it comes to the food that surrounds us, our dietary needs and our SELF CONTROL!

We are beings that are here to live and enjoy our lives, so let’s take the guilty hat off and equip ourselves with a little knowledge. Simply, knowing what our options are and the benefits could see you enjoying that chocolate hunt…

Chocolate is often seen as a ‘bad food’ when the true essence of chocolate being cacao has many health benefits. When discussing benefits wee are not talking about the junk chocolate in candy bars and sweet desserts, we are talking about dark chocolate and it’s long history of the healing plant as a mood enhancer and even an aphrodisiac. The Latin name for chocolate “Theobroma Cacao”. The Latin name for chocolate means “food of the gods”. The major health benefits of chocolate, means you can take control of your biology in a delicious way!

1. Chocolate helps the brain

Chocolate enhances your mood especially in high stress situations by releasing the “happiness neurotransmitters” serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. Overall you have better cognitive performance and less mental fatigue.

2. Chocolate makes you eat less

Yay for that! One study quantified this by giving participants 100g serving of dark chocolate, two hours before a main meal correlated in a 17% lower calorie intake in the following meal.

3. Chocolate for a healthy heart

Polyphenols in cacao increase HDL cholesterol (the protective cholesterol) which in turn leads to decreased oxidised LDL cholesterol. Other effects include improved circulation.

4. Chocolate for glowing skin and sun protection 

Chocolate can help you maintain healthy skin by maintaining healthy blood flow and studies showed that people consuming a high flavanol in cacao powder for 12 weeks had on average a 25% reduction in a UV induced erythema (sunburn) after exposure to a solar stimulator. They also recorded increased density and thickness, as well as better hydration and trans epidermal water loss.

5. Chocolate may lower inflammation

Chocolate has inflammation modulating properties. Study of obese mice supplemented with cacao powder had healthier levels of inflammation and insulin.

6. Chocolate is a prebiotic

If gut bacteria is feeding on larger cocoa polyphenols, then it can change the composition of the microbiome. One study showed the beneficial prebiotic effect of consumption of chocolate and subjects showed a significant

increase in bifidobacterial and lactobacilli population and as well as a significant decreased clostridia levels.

7. Chocolate for anti-aging

Cacao can enhance mitochondrial biogenesis, or a creation of new mitochondria. It is the flavanol epicatechin in chocolate that is responsible for mitogenesis.

Mom of us LOVE chocolate! To enjoy chocolate and all of its benefits choose an 85% or above and even better if you can opt for a raw version like Pana. If you are avoiding sugar all together, that’s where our MaxxBeautyTonic Chocolate Mylk steps up as our ultimate craving busting, mineral rich, sugar free chocolate powder.  

MaxxByMakayla is a lifestyle brand that was established in 2015 consisting of holistic skin clinic House of Maxx and internal range MaxxBeautyTonic.

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