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At House of Maxx we choose Dermaviduals as we can customise and control each product to suit your bio-individuality. Like our fingerprints, each skin is different and with Dermaviduals, your Corneotherapist can prescribe and customise products to match your needs perfectly.

Why should keeping your hair dry while showering not be GLAMOROUS? Every woman should feel beautiful at any time of the day, and Louvelle’s beautiful turban shower caps make that possible.

Created by Kristina who is an Accredited Nutritionist, and has a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, she wanted to extend skincare beyond the surface and provide medicinal superfoods to help achieve flawless skin. We love R/C as it is the perfect addition to our clients regime to prevent ageing and treat inflammation or free radical damage.

Why invest in great skincare just to cover your skin up with makeup full of pore clogging, skin dulling ingredients? Jane Iredale are the leaders in skincare makeup, designed to benefit and protect your skin.

Why do we choose Tuscan Tan? Using world-exclusive colour technology to mimic naturally tanned skin tones with 100% accuracy, Tuscan Tan eliminates the orange undertones commonly associated with fake tan.

We spend a third of our lives in bed! Not only is silk amazing to sleep on, traditional pillowcases cause damage to hair and skin and suck moisture out of your skin. So why not take your skincare to the next level with a Slip Silk Pillowcase

Created by House of Maxx owners Jenny and Makayla to fit their clients’ needs and wants for delicious yet super healthy treats and gut healing supplements for glowing skin from within.

Hand crafted in Germany since 1935 using sustainable materials, Redecker body brushes are a personal favourite of Makayla’s and are designed to last you years!