Reboot your skin.

The cooler months are the perfect time to step up your in clinic skin treatments to repair damage those Summer months may have caused and ultimately strengthen our skin cells for our best looking and functioning skin.  At House of Maxx we love CIT and Revita Pen Dermal Rejuvenation Infusion as the next step in a skin journey to enhance results and remodel collagen.

To clarify what we mean by ‘next step’, we require you to be on your full prescription of homecare at least 4 weeks prior to any intensive treatment as well as the go-ahead from your therapist that your skin has been properly prepped for such treatments. Skipping this step can actually cause exhallerated ageing/damage at worst and at best minimal results, so be mindful of those clinics looking to sell a pack before ensuring your skin can handle it. To better understand this using an analogy, it would liken itself to going and competing at a professional sport event having just had an injury without first preparing with rehabilitation or strengthening exercises and then pushing the body beyond its current capabilities.

Why do we suggest intensive treatments in Winter? During the cooler months we are less exposed to UV from the sun which induces inflammation, breaks down collagen and exacerbates pigment production; all of which are detrimental to the positive results of more intensive treatments. By having these treatments now you get the best results while reducing the risk of adverse outcomes. 

CIT (collagen induction therapy) also known as skin needling has been a favourite of ours for a long time. Using fine micro-needles at a chosen depth and speed, CIT has the ability to harness the body’s natural wound healing response in a controlled setting enabling the production of collagen and elastin. CIT is clinically proven to instigate the body’s release of growth factors including a special one called TGF-b3; a growth factor responsible for scarless wound healing. CIT is not only good for those wanting to build up their skin, reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines but it’s also the best option for those with scarring. 

Collagen and elastin production is increased for up to 12 weeks giving you continual improvements for 3 months. If you’re between 25-30 years old, are not treating something specific and are after general rejuvenation we recommend 1-3 treatments every Winter. If you are over the age of 30 or are treating scars, pigmentation or thin skin, we recommend 3 treatments 4-8 weeks apart every Winter. 

Revita Pen is a new treatment soon to be available at HOM and one we are so excited to share with our clients. A device created by the amazing Dr Ben from Osmosis, Revita pen provides a completely non-invasive option for those wanting to stimulate collagen production, which means in the right environment we totally can use this device year round! Using a handheld device that creates small temporary channels between the corneocytes to allow for deeper penetration of customised infusions. Revita pen treatments not only stimulates collagen to strengthen the skin’s structure and function, depending on your customised actives it can help treat most skin conditions including acne scars, pigmentation and some forms of rosacea. Osmosis Dermal Rejuvenation Revita Pen Infusion generates collagen production for 30 days without damaging the epidermis. It increases circulation, boosts skin immunity and creates rapid cell turnover.

Now you’re probably thinking what’s the difference and which is right for me? 

Both treatments are best performed after adequate prep to ensure the best, long-term results and minimise risk of adverse outcomes.

These treatments are fabulous when used together in an alternating treatment plan as you are able to harness the benefits of both and have quickly become a favourite of both Makayla and Maxine! 

As with all skin treatments at HOM a skin consultation is the place to start to ensure a completely customised treatment plan can be devised just for you and your skin!

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