Why should I care about the stars?

So before I get into it, let me first introduce myself here; my name is Amber Harkin, I live and work from Melbourne Australia, and I am a mother, intuitive and Evolutionary Astrologer.

Astrology is the oldest study of the Stars and dates back to Mesopotamia in around 6000 BCE. It wasn’t until the Babylonians developed their own form of Horoscopes 2,400 years ago that Astrology as a concept really took form. Essentially Astrology is the study of Celestial Bodies in the sky, and how these patterns can in turn effect everything in the universe, including us! Hence the term ‘As above, So below’ was adopted.

Fast track to the 21st Century, where we now use Astrology as an empowerment tool for the Modern Mystic and every-day person! I liken it to checking in with the weather forecast, so we can see what energy is coming up, and therefore know how to “dress appropriately” for the season!

Living in such a time of uncertainty, Astrology helps us to see things for what they are. It helps us to use our awareness to make the best decisions for us at the time. There are two ways we can apply this…

Understand your Natal Chart!

Your Natal Chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you are born. From an Evolutionary perspective it holds your previous and potential karma (i.e the energy that you incarnate with and potential life lessons to integrate in order for you to evolve.) Understanding your Natal Chart is one of the most empowering and validating experiences you may potentially have. To see yourself from this perspective gives you a greater understanding of how you operate in the world, and your significance in the universe.

Follow the Current Transits and Cycles!

If you follow an Astrologer on social media, they will often give you updates on what is currently happening with the Planetary Cycles and Placements. I’m sure you may have heard of the infamous Mercury Retrograde! Often becoming aware of these transits, will help you to navigate what that time may bring up.

So – whether you’re facing a time of uncertainty, seeking clarity and guidance, or simply cosmically curious, caring about what is happening in the sky may help you tap into your souls truth and a deeper sense of knowing. And that is always available to you, to assist you and your expansion here in this life.

If you’re interested in learning more about Astrology or your Natal Chart, you can connect with me on instagram @cosmic.playground or head to my website www.thecosmicplayground.com

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