Yoga with Ruby Wall

Hey HOM family,

We are amidst a very intense period of our lives but luckily we are not alone. So I have connected with friend, long term client and Yogi Ruby Wall to help answer some questions, inspire and keep you grounded and positive throughout isolation and beyond!

Why should someone try yoga?

Yoga is a beautiful way to deeply connect with your own body – the physical, energetic and emotional aspects of your being. In our day to day lives we are constantly bombarded with over stimulating and potentially damaging visuals and interactions. The practice of yoga allows us to quiet down and  rinse the mind of unhealthy thoughts and tendencies. We are reconnected with our breath and able to drop into the parasympathetic nervous system, giving the body time to heal. We are also given the space to be self reflective and meditate on our habits, our relationships, our life choices. 

Do you have to be flexible?

You definitely don’t need to be flexible! Yoga is for everyone. There are variations of every pose to suit your level of strength and flexibility. Pus, yoga is so much more than the asana (poses). Pranayama (breath work), Mantra and Meditation are all aspects of yoga to be explored and benefit from. Sure, if you want you can use yoga as a workout, but you would be missing out on all the incredible benefits that go beyond the superficial, like getting a butt that looks amazing in your Lululemons. 

Why om?

OM or AUM is the primordial sound from which the universe was created. Pretty huge concept right?! It is said to be the sound, the vibration, heard by yogis in deep meditation. We chant the Mantra OM to reconnect with this Source Energy. 

Photos by @simonshiffsays

What’s the difference between the styles of yoga? 

There are lots of different styles of yoga that come from different Lineages. I am trained in Hatha Flow, Yin Yoga and Himalayan Kundalini Kriya. Hatha Flow is like Vinyasa Flow, a class that is more fluid moving, will involve pranayama, include traditional poses like warrior II and downward facing dog. Yin Yoga is a slow practice that stretches into the fascia. You typically hold seated poses fully supported by props and the floor for 2-6 minutes, using zero effort, creating deep openings in the body. Himalayan Kundalini Kriya practices are repetitive movements done with deep focus and intention to create energetic shifts in the body. I incorporate all of these styles of yoga into my routine for a well rounded daily practice. 

How has it impacted your day to day life?

The biggest shifts for me have been in my relationships; with my family, my partner and my friendships. A consistent and daily dedication to my practice has given me a greater control of my responses and reactions within these relationships. I used to be incredibly reactive, dramatic, quite aggressive when triggered. But now, while yes I still do feel deeply, I am able to see things from a more objective angle. I have the space in my mind to have that thought process of, okay I am feeling this way, why do I feel this way? What has triggered me? Is this the past informing this response? I am in a beautiful healthy and fulfilling relationship with my partner, I have full trust and love in my friendships and I am able to speak honestly and empathetically with my family. I owe this all to my spiritual practice. 

If I’ve never done it before how can I incorporate it into a morning or evening routine during isolation?

Now is the perfect time to begin a daily practice! This can be as small as every day spending 15 minutes in quiet, without your phone, eyes closed focused on the breath. Luckily we are in a time where there is so much free content all over the internet, on instagram and youtube, to access. I am a teacher at Yoga 8 based in Prahran who have an awesome online membership with plenty of classes. I am also part of The Light Collective, an online yoga school  which has an amazing membership. The practice of yoga offers so many life changing gifts – but to receive them, you have to be present, hold yourself accountable, and commit to it. 


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