Skin Treatments

At House of Maxx we differentiate our facials by time not by treatment, thus making sure your current skin concerns are treated individually & appropriately. Your Corneotherapist will choose & customise your unique treatment and products based on selected/recommended time.


$100 – Redeemable on product

During your consultation we spend 30minutes assessing internal and external factors contributing to your concerns to develop an at home and in clinic treatment plan working within your means. We offer both in clinic and online skin consultations for your convenience.

Clinical Skin

At House of Maxx our corneotherapists are trained to modify treatments for clients who have undergone or are going through cancer treatment. An initial 30min consultation is required before booking an appointment.

30min treatment – $121

*Not suitable for a first visit

60min treatment – $170

*Perfect for new clients

90min treatment – $215

Max+ LED Treatment – $99

This is a 30 minute treatment that consists of a deep cleanse, customised serum application and time under the Max+ LED.

A great treatment for inbetween visits or on the day of an event.


Each treatment performed at House of Maxx is individually catered to your specific needs. Your corneotherapist will inform you of any treatment enhancers that will be appropriate in your treatment to get you to your skin goals. Each enhancer provides additional benefits to further the effects of your treatment.

Eye Mask – $20

A revitalising enhancer customised to target puffiness, dark circles, dehydration and fine lines.

Max+ LED – $30

Max + LED is a non-invasive, safe treatment that is designed to combat signs of ageing & problematic skin. Max + LED does this by encouraging cellular communication that improves on dull complexions, tone, inflammation and congestion.

Algae Mask – $30

This settings mask is applied all over the face and sets into a rubber like consistency, infusing products deeper into the skin all while soothing & calming any inflammation.


Collagen Induction Therapy – $350

(Includes CIT Treatment, Max+ LED & Follow up 30minute Treatment)

Collagen Induction Therapy takes advantage of the skins natural healing mechanism & regeneration through the use of skin needling. CIT creates a biological chain of events where essential minerals & proteins are discharged and new collagen & elastic fibres are regenerated. Any clients with concerns of ageing, scars, pigmentation, lack lustre skin and sagging will benefit from CIT.

All CIT guests must have a consultation or facial prior to treatment.

Plexr Plus Plasma Fibroblast – From $299

Utilising the fourth state of matter, “plasma”, the Plexr Plus Plasma Fibroblast treatment is perfect for those concerned with lax skin, fine lines/wrinkles and removal of skin tags. By removing small dots of superficial skin this allows for both immediate tightening of the area as well as taking advantage of the body’s natural wound healing abilities for collagen and elastin production. This method is quickly replacing surgeries like facelifts and blepharoplasty and can eliminate stretch marks and loose skin all over the face and body! Depending person to person 1-3 treatments are required for desired results.

** All Plasma Fibroblast clients must undergo a Skin Consultation at a prior date.

Each treatment includes aftercare and a Max+ LED Treatment 7 days post Fibroblast.

Upper Eye – $299

Lower Eye – $299

Full Eye – $549

Brow Lift – $299

Nasal Folds – $299

Upper Lip – $299

Jaw Line – $599

Jaw & Neck – $799

Full Face – $1799

Full Stomach / Breast Lift / Arms / Stretch Marks – $1999

Skin Tags – $50

+ $20 for each after

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SKINCARE // we choose @dermaviduals because YOUR SKIN decides exactly what it needs and then we compound your product specifically for you. This means targeted ingredients, minimal products but maximum ingredients. Curious? Book a skin consultation to find out your perfect recipe #houseofmaxx
We are changing the narrative // instead of us (the beauty industry) telling you ‘we must get rid of this’ or ‘we need to make you perfect’ HOM strives for health, education and empowerment! #houseofmaxx
Beauty is more than a look, to be beautiful is to feel it!
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With the repeated discussion with clients around overwhelm, burnout and stress it’s important to remind ourselves to take a deep breath and pause for a moment.
2020 really threw us all and although a lot of us weren’t working and some of us still out of work, this year has definitely NOT been one big vacation away from work. SO STOP FEELING GUILTY FOR NOT BEING PUMPED ABOUT A MANIC SCHEDULE!
MBT Colloidal Silver ~Spray me on breakouts, bites, rashes, grazes or inflamed skin to see my powers! Or feel my antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties by starting your day off with me internally.
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MAGNESIUM // signs of deficiency ~ loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, numbness, tingling, muscle contractions and cramps, seizures, personality changes, abnormal heart rhythms, and coronary spasms can occur.What causes magnesium deficiency ? ~ STRESS, alcohol, gut imbalances and some medications.Top up your magnesium stores with @salt_lab Magnesium Spray before bed!
MBT Cleansing Clay ~A multipurpose clay that can be used to help assist detoxification internally or deeply cleanse the skin externally. Add to your bath, mix with salt and oil for an detoxifying scrub or consume first thing in the morning to reap the benefits of French green clay!
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