Sensuality with Eleanor Hadley

Too often in our culture and society, sensuality – and god forbid sexuality – is seen as a taboo. And for those who identify as women, so often our sexuality is seen as something external from us – something that we ‘perform’ for the pleasure of someone else.

Through my work as a Sensuality Coach, Sex Educator & Sensual Movement Practitioner I’m passionate about helping you to reclaim your innate sensuality. I work with people who are wanting to connect on a deeper, more intimate level with themselves, for themselves.

Although this work is now my passion, I wasn’t always embodied in my sensual self.

I got my introduction into the realm of sensuality when I signed up to my first pole dancing class over 10 years ago. I instantly fell in love with the empowered movement and permission granted in the studio to be fully in our feminine. Fast forward a few years and I was an instructor and the proud owner of a studio in Melbourne. During four years of running this studio, I got to witness the epic transformations in self confidence and self esteem of my students, which ultimately inspired me to create my own movement practice. Blending the sensual, exotic floorwork movements I taught at the pole studio with the introspective elements inspired by my personal yoga practice, I crafted a uniquely feminine style of movement. 

As Sensualista Flow gained popularity and I started speaking more publicly about all things sensuality, sexuality, feminism and embodiment I then studied to become a life coach, specialising in sensual embodiment
Through working with clients over the past few years, I’ve observed just how many people are completely disconnected to their sensual selves. To live a sensual life is to be deeply present with yourself, your senses, your environment and those around you. But, how do you do it?

Firstly, to be sensual is to be truly of the senses. This means connecting in with all five senses with intention, every single day. Think of it like mindfulness, but with an embodied twist. Rather than simply observing how things look, smell, taste, feel and sound – take the time to truly savour your sensory world. We tap in to our sensuality when we allow ourselves to feel pleasure in everyday life.

Many people often enquire about what the difference is between sensuality and sexuality, assuming that they are one and the same. In fact, they are at once entirely independent of, and deeply intertwined with one another. 

You can be a sensual being in all facets of your life without the standard equation of sensuality = sexuality. An inherent byproduct of increased sensual awareness, however, is an enhanced connection with your sexuality and your sex life. By embracing the idea of sensuality in the heightened awareness of the senses, of the appreciation for one’s physical body and the intuitive connection with others; it is inevitable that your sex life will be enhanced, along with many other aspects of your life.  

Through 1:1 coaching, group programs, retreats, workshops and speaking, it’s my passion to help you embody your femininity, enhance your sex-life and elevate your relationships.

To learn more about sensual embodiment and sexual empowerment, join me on instagram @eleanorhadley, tune in to The Sensuality Academy Podcast and join my signature online course, The Art of Sensual Movement

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