Why you need a health coach

Integrative Health Coaches mentor clients and assist them in making positive and lasting changes in their lives. The coach guides clients through the process of creating an outcome for health through diet and lifestyle choices. By developing healthy habits and lifestyle changes the coach is with them throughout their journey until they achieve the outcome they are after.

As an Integrative Health Coach I view health and wellness from a holistic approach and view the client as a whole and like a piece of the jigsaw puzzle look at how their presenting issues intersect and affect them holistically.

An Integrative Health Coach assist clients in developing easy step by step plans to EDUCATE and integrate permanent change by looking at

  • The impact of stress both environmentally and emotionally and making changes
  • Prioritising self care
  • Maintaining a positive mindset
  • Reducing toxic load through education of product and produce
  • Looking at dietary choices and customising a plan to suit the individual
  • Looking at possible contributing factors such as autoimmune disorders, gut health, hormone imbalance etc
  • Detailed health history to determine possible genetic links
  • Candida score looking at microbiome imbalance
  • Internal health products to detox, cleanse and reseed good gut bacteria

A Health Coach guides, educates and supports however if they believe the client can benefit with further professional therapist they will refer the client on while still being able to offer support.

Some reasons why you may need a Health Coach;

  • You want to create a healthier lifestyle suited specifically for you
  • Understand how the body works as a whole
  • If you suffer from gut issues or food sensitivities
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Confused or lacking knowledge around food choices

Coming into the festive season can leave us feeling drained and overwhelmed and impact our health and skin so here’s a few tips to keep optimal health while burning the candle at both ends.

  1. Balance is key so if you find yourself running around, working extra hard or socialising more than usual, balance that out with walking in the park, long relaxing baths and plenty of sleep
  2. 80:20 rule on food. If you know you have a heavy social weekend eat clean whole foods during the week
  3. Cut out caffeine, alcohol or other non-nutritious beverages so you can enjoy a few with family and friends
  4. Reduce the alcohol intake by alternating with water, 1/3 wine or vodka topped up with soda water

I look forward to welcoming you into clinic soon! Love, Jenny xx  

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