Why your New Year’s Resolution should be clear skin!

For many years we have been told that wanting ‘crystal’ clear skin is vanity. I see a lot of new clients who are embarrassed to admit that they feel their skin could be better. 

I am here to let you know, that if you feel like that or have been suffering with a persistent skin condition, regardless of how minor, that is most likely an indication that something else could be occurring internally. 

Our skin is an amazing ORGAN and should be treated like one! 

Skincare somehow found its way into the ‘hair and beauty’ category and became to be showcased like a material. Something we scrub at, peel, burn and conceal. However, our integumentary system is a window into our health. 

Depending on your skin concern, this could be dark/puffy eyes, acne, dermatitis, eczema or red flaky skin. Where it is placed on the face or body are all indicators about your gut health and the different elements attributing. 

It is so important to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Bad skin can be the push you need to start eating right for yourself, investing in your gut health and mental as well. 

We are a team of;

  • Corneotherapists, to deal with cellular skin health. 
  • Health Coach, to personalise and guide you through dietary changes. 
  • Naturopath, for testing and supplementation. 
  • Acupuncturist, treatments targeting organs and faster healing. 

We are so excited to welcome you into clinic this year, and work together to achieve your goals! 

Love, HOM xx 

MaxxByMakayla is a lifestyle brand that was established in 2015 consisting of holistic skin clinic House of Maxx and internal range MaxxBeautyTonic.

We VALUE being INCLUSIVE of the COMMUNITY we live amongst, creating an EMPOWERING and POSITIVE space to challenge current beauty standards and change the narrative within the beauty industry to be one of INNOVATION and EDUCATION whilst keeping in mind to be as SUSTAINABLE as possible both environmentally and individually.