What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is a practice originating in traditional chinese medicine, dating as far back as 1368! Traditionally used all over the body for a range of treatments, the most common use was for increasing blood flow to stimulate repair. 

At House of Maxx we have so much love and respect for eastern medicine and wanted to incorporate Gua Sha and its healing properties within our facials; utilising a Gua Sha tool in rose quartz, the stone itself is a symbol of self love and inner healing.

Not only is it deeply relaxing, think a soothing gentle massage, Gua Sha carries its own benefits for skin health. Gua sha provides manual lymphatic drainage, a process of manually moving fluid within the skin to promote the processing of toxins and waste, reduce inflammation and reduce puffiness and fluid retention. 

The lymphatic system is a superficial fluid return network that runs alongside the cardiovascular system. While the cardiovascular system has a central pump, the heart, to facilitate the movement of fluids, the lymphatic system does not! Lymph relies on many external factors to move through the body and as a result can often become sluggish and slow moving. As the lymphatic system plays a vital role in the processing and elimination of toxins and cellular waste as well as the inflammatory processes it is important to keep it moving – this is where Gua Sha comes in!

While you enjoy the feeling of a beautiful massage the Gua Sha goes to work, being an incredibly effective tool during treatment that after experiencing it yourself you can see why gua sha has become a favourite amongst the team and our clients to relax, depuff and sculpt the face.

Gua sha is included in our 90 minute facial or can be added on to any of the other facial options. 

Other ways we like to encourage lymphatic drainage is through exercise, dry body brushing, staying well hydrated and contract showers!

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